A Psalmist (duxrow) wrote in poetry,
A Psalmist

A Little Poison..

    Just a little poison in a pot that once was clean

Is like a broken piston in a modern day machine.

Instead of running smoothly, it will not fly at all!

It violates the flagpole, or drives you up the wall.

    Just a little poison in a pot without a crack

is like misinformation in a sacred almanac..

Separating truth from fiction isn't all that easy..

Wheat & chaff dividing takes place where it is breezy.

    Just a little poison in a pot that doesn't leak,

is like without a paddle when you're up the muddy creek..

Like the fox that's in the coop, or the fly that's in the soup,

Is the lack of knowledge in degrees from Aesop's College.

   Just a little poison in a pot we've grown to trust

Is like a little leaven in a loaf without a crust..

Unless you change the leaven, You've surely sealed your fate,

But then you have to eat it all; Be sure to lick the plate!


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