A Psalmist (duxrow) wrote in poetry,
A Psalmist

Ducks in a Row..

Ducks in a Row - 2Cor11:19 

To suffer fools gladly is a daunting endeavor,
 And I surely won't do it for long or forever..
 A mistake now and then, or occasional lapse,
 Is human, but keeping it up is for saps!

Everything in its place, and a place for all things..
 Not knowing the Word(s) is what laziness brings!
 Whether giving directions, or singing the song,
Not knowing the Truth is emphatically wrong!

The climb up the Mountain of Learning is tough,
 and the slide down the Valley of Error is rough..
But unless you perspire at least eighty per cent,
 Sound thinking is just what you gave up for Lent!

The computer goes tilt when the info is wrong
 and if you're off key it just ruins the song.
 The Mountain of Logic will certainly grow..
 But for sure you must have your ducks in a row!

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