rebelwaste (rebelwaste) wrote in poetry,

Introspection about Nature (Poem)


Stand a Mile In Their Roots

The dense forest stands before
      I stand amidst and in front at the same time
No trodden path of previous wanderers
      The trees are the only natural residents of this land

The trees stand together
      Far apart or close
They are together in this colorful growth

They stand there together
      Performing their photosynthesis
             Expelling the achromic oxygen
             And ingesting carbon dioxide that we eminate

We stand with them as symbiotic neighbors
      Surviving on each other’s gifts of air
Yet with the urbanization of cities
      These forests with trees will be mere history in the future

If the roles were reversed
      Would the trees lose us to the annals of their history?
             Written on our skins
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