A Psalmist (duxrow) wrote in poetry,
A Psalmist

Brain Train

Brain Train by Bob Smith of Foreman AR

It doesn't have to use big words or veiled innuendo,
Nor does it have to meter up enlightening crescendo.
But poetry should teach, or pose premeditated thought,
Making clear with words so dear, what everybody ought.

The lines don't have to be so long, but when it's just a dabble,
My train comes to a Crossword and turns into a Scrabble.
It doesn't have to use clichès, like "Beauty is as Beauty does",
But the eye of the beholder shouldn't always fill with fuzz.

It doesn't really have to have a punch-line or a grabber,
but poetry that doesn't rhyme has a tendency to blabber.
Even so, Poetic License is like the exception to the rule,
The fun of saying it diversely is our most portentous tool!

The subject of the rhyme is like a trip from here to there,
Hopefully the journey doesn't leave you in the air.
Of course when it leaves you laughing, you'll probably be back..
To say the poem o'er again, and get the train back on the track.
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