rebelwaste (rebelwaste) wrote in poetry,

Differences (Poem)


Difference Is Not Damning

The tree stands out among a background of evergreens

      Its branches barren

      Till the coming of spring

Some would look upon this tree as worthless

      For it does hold the beauty of leaves

             Tell that to the birds

             And the chipmunks

             And the squirrels

                    Who reside in is form

Too often

      In the human world

             Very much different than the natural world

      Difference and standing out against the backdrop of glib commonality

             Is seen as worthless

                    Or even dangerous

What if the roles were reversed?

What if it was a lone evergreen against a backdrop of barren trees?

It would be the outcast

      Like the lone Goth kid

             Against the backdrop of their

                    American Family

Or for that matter

      The lone business college graduate

             Suit and tie in all

                    Against the backdrop

                           Of his flower-power parents

Difference is not damning

Difference is beautiful

Because in a room of two

      Both are different

      If they are not the same

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