rebelwaste (rebelwaste) wrote in poetry,

History/Herstory (Poem)


Passe-Partout(if history were written on rings of trees)

If the rings of trees could write or speak the past and history

     Of the proud and the meek

     Of the strong and the weak

            History would not be written by the victor

It would be written by a just passé-partout of earths earliest ancestors

     For the rings of trees

            Would hold skeleton keys

                   To the many locked tomes

                         Of history

     For the rings of trees would be like a picture frame

            Framing in

                   Like a carpenter

                         The building that houses

                                The gallery

                         Of veracious paintings and delineations of old antiquity

     For the rings of trees would become the paper for this very purpose

            The true account of herstory

                   Unfettered by consciousness

                         And chauvinism and bellicism

                         And preconception and illiberality

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