lorelaimaria (lorelaimaria) wrote in poetry,

Why the Angels Cry

Why the Angels Cry

The angels cry in solemn skies, while I pray our love never dies.
The Fates weave the fabric of our lives…
And all too sudden turn the tides.
While rain falls like teardrops from the sky,
Our cruel fortunes forever intertwined,
Reverberate throughout in time-
Which once had stopped for you and I-
Now keeps ticking aimlessly as it reminds
That we are doomed and destined till the end of time
To be apart, not side by side…
As misfortune drives
The heart grows weary, cold and wild…
And from above they hear our muffled cries
They see a life full of wonder and surprise,
But heavy fall in it’s demise…
And this is why the angels cry.
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