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poetry's Journal
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
9:33 pm
2 Metaphors (Poem)

Hanging Empty

A broken bird feeder hangs crookedly from a barren tree
Red with clear plastic
             Picked clean or dumped out
                    Taken for what it’s worth
             Leaving it to hang in silence

The image is sullen and sad
      So similar to how many of us treat others
             Even occasionally
             Even without sociopathic intent

The red and clear bird feeder hangs
      Swaying in the light breeze
             That refreshes the lungs of you or I
             But leaving the emptiness of the vessel more apparent
                    For the weightlessness of the plastic container allows for greater manipulation by the wind
                    And for the pull of gravity to be weakened

The truth in metaphor reminds that the empty void of the soul in loneliness and affray
      Opens the vitality of a restful mind to greater
                    And manipulation by the winds
                           And gravity
                           And a capriccio of time
Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
3:42 pm
Ducks in a Row..

Ducks in a Row - 2Cor11:19 

To suffer fools gladly is a daunting endeavor,
 And I surely won't do it for long or forever..
 A mistake now and then, or occasional lapse,
 Is human, but keeping it up is for saps!

Everything in its place, and a place for all things..
 Not knowing the Word(s) is what laziness brings!
 Whether giving directions, or singing the song,
Not knowing the Truth is emphatically wrong!

The climb up the Mountain of Learning is tough,
 and the slide down the Valley of Error is rough..
But unless you perspire at least eighty per cent,
 Sound thinking is just what you gave up for Lent!

The computer goes tilt when the info is wrong
 and if you're off key it just ruins the song.
 The Mountain of Logic will certainly grow..
 But for sure you must have your ducks in a row!

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
10:54 pm
Little Bean

Something grows inside of me.

I've read all the books

They tell me how at 10 weeks it now looks.

The size of my thumb

It's not longer than a piece of gum.

30 more weeks a baby you'll be.

I shall become a mommy when this being comes out of me.

What will I do if something goes wrong?

What if my body won't alow me to carry you for so long?

I worry constantly over this little bean like thing.

I have hopes of holding it live and healthy to which I cling.

I'm unhealthy and sick and ill.

What if I can't ever carry you despite all my good will?

If this little bean dies inside of me, so shall I this I know.

If this tiny baby dies, from this world I shall also go.

If you sweet child die,

So must I.

For thumb sized or no,

Already I love you so.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013
3:52 pm
A Little Poison..

    Just a little poison in a pot that once was clean

Is like a broken piston in a modern day machine.

Instead of running smoothly, it will not fly at all!

It violates the flagpole, or drives you up the wall.

    Just a little poison in a pot without a crack

is like misinformation in a sacred almanac..

Separating truth from fiction isn't all that easy..

Wheat & chaff dividing takes place where it is breezy.

    Just a little poison in a pot that doesn't leak,

is like without a paddle when you're up the muddy creek..

Like the fox that's in the coop, or the fly that's in the soup,

Is the lack of knowledge in degrees from Aesop's College.

   Just a little poison in a pot we've grown to trust

Is like a little leaven in a loaf without a crust..

Unless you change the leaven, You've surely sealed your fate,

But then you have to eat it all; Be sure to lick the plate!


12:26 am
Death, your method.

Hello inmates welcome to your cells.

Your heads' buried in the sand,

Incapacitated by your own actions and very own hands.

Welcome to your personally made hells.

I'm sure we'll get to know you all here very well.

Next cell to your right a crackhead sold her own daughter


Forced sex for her cocaine, it seemed a good barter.

She owes the dealer too much money and

her sex won't pay his bills, honey.

He'll shoot her in the head.

She'll make a point to his other slaves to pay up once she's found dead.

And to your left don't worry about him, the blue man they've already tried to resuscitate,

we suppose here that, that booze and handful of pills to take him down was his predestined fate.

Across the hall there's a girl who's pulled out her own feeding tube and I.V.

It's because at 81 pounds she's still so very fat don't you see?

Beside her another girl, don't worry about.

She shoved her finger down her throat too many times, finally her esophagus ruptured and heart gave out.

Don't scream, shout, cry, or pout.

You joined our club willingly didn't you know death is all we are about?

There's a teenaged boy down the hall other direction going nowhere better.

Blood stains the sleeves of his sweater.

We take turns betting how long it'll be 'til he finally gets it right

I lost.

I thought he would have gotten that bleed out artery before last night.

Do you smell the burning hair and skin?

A husband blew his cell up making crank in the bathroom.

Take a bet on the crackhead, girl or boy?

You might win.

It'll matter not your soul and life are already ours.

You've already been.

There's no negotiations, no bail.

This is life until death.

Not a short term jail.

We're already taking numbers gambling on your own last breath.

Just waiting to take you to your own death...

It might have been just the first time you stuck that dope filled needle in

your arm, thinking to cause no harm this very day.

Tonight you might have driven home safely drunk with no crashes on your journey's way.

You might have just had one hit of that crack with your friend, unknowingly starting your end.

You might have lost just a few pounds a little too fast.

It matters not. Your life will soon be past.

It might have been your first time this very day.

This matters not to us we'll first take your soul and then your life eventually anyway.

We've fooled brave men much more intelligent than you many times before.

Words spoken could never be more true.

Honey, there's only one thing you might can do.

Start digging your way out as fast as you can if you're not too deep already.

Never look back.

When you stop forgetting to fear us, that's when we will attack.

This is your last chance.

Get out now if you can.

Otherwise, it is until death we shall dance.

It's not a long duet, a very short dance indeed.

You've already planted seeds to a parasitic weed.

Run, Run, Run as fast as you can.

But if you're not fast and properly scared we shall catch you again.

You see, we are the method man.

The fallen angel.

The prince of the earth.

And with us if you can't escape you'll soon smolder in the bottom of our hearth.

Make your choices wisely and give them lots of thought.

You won't be very difficult.

We've got you already mostly caught.

Monday, September 16th, 2013
8:33 am

Sailing. 1Tim1:19, Jn6:21

If the storms of life have rocked your boat
 and turned you all but loose,
 And you're upset and mad at those
 who've helped to cook your goose..
 Remember you're a vessel too
 Don't get shipwrecked in your mind,
Listen to some sound advice,
 and to your ears be kind.

Your boat won't sink or even founder
 If the Lord is there with you..
 And you can choose!..He won't refuse
 to join your motley crew..
 The minute Peace gets in the boat,
 you'll be on the Other Side..
 Your sails of fortune soon will fill,
 So you'll enjoy the ride!

John 6:21 tells us "they willingly received [Jesus] into the ship; and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went."  Can't you just picture the rooster-tail on that ship! 

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
11:42 am
Lot's Wife

Lot's Wife - Genesis 19:26

If you would become a Pillar of  Salt,
Repent! Look back, and consider your fault.
 Then follow the teachings of Jesus,
 believing He's who he said..
 Forgetting the things that are past..
 Reaching forward to what's ahead.

If you would become a Pillar of Salt,
Your wicked old ways must come to a halt.
 Die to that old way of life!
 Leave Sodom forever behind!
 Get yoked together with Jesus
(Don't look back!)
 It's the Way to get straight in your mind! 

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013
12:55 am

That’s the amount of bills in my wallet and bank account

Now I’m searching purses for change I can count

I need money for a hit, what I crave what I need

I just needle a little for my veins to water Satan’s seed

Then I’ll be calm and happy my worries far away

Perhaps in the future I won’t love you need you one day

For now in my body, veins, heart and mind heroin will stay

I scrounge around looking for cash

I desperately try to find some remnants from an old stash

Desperation, exasperperation, prespiration

Just take me down the rabbit hole

Submerge me like a warm ocean, take me whole

Heroin.. I fucking need you.

Current Mood: high
Monday, August 26th, 2013
10:56 am
Road to Damascus


Have you been on the road to Damascus? Have you asserted your right to protest?
I don't fault you for not believing it all, but why haven't you taken the test?
"DO IT YOURSELF, IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT", is advice my father gave me..
and anything as important as eternal life should be given a high priority.

So finally I've taken the bull by the horns, and set out to see for myself,
If this book called the Bible is at all reliable, or is it better left on the shelf?
My studies have ranged from the Hebrew to Greek, and to begin with was utter confusion..
But little-by-little the Light came through, until now it's a great profusion!

Were they saying it like this all along, and I just didn't have ears to hear?
I don't recall it making any sense at all--their point was just not clear.
I'd always thought it was the Preacher's job; Isn't that what we paid him for?
Though I never agreed that his word was for me, and I slept 'cause I was so bored.

He claimed that the things he preached were from the Holy Bible..
and I had enough sense not to argue with him--he might be infallible.
So I tried to read The Book for myself--the words from the Book of Life;
It was in my mind to do what it said, but I only got over in strife.

The things I read in Genesis didn't make good sense at all..
If God wrote this book, I decided, He just did it to get my gall!
But now that I've come to know Jesus, and the terms of the New Covenant,
I've seen that a veil was over the Old; that those ways were not permanent.

If God were real, I once reasoned, Would anything be too tough for Him?
No! So why doesn't he just announce his presence, and convict me of my sin?
I'm ready to take my punishment, or at least I thought I was...
Why did he wait till it got so great, and I became a lost cause?

The answers to these questions are now made clear to me,
And I'll tried to spell them out for you--for your benefit, you see.
If your beliefs are like concrete: thoroughly mixed up and firmly set,
Then give this poem to a friend who hasn't been saved as yet.

Paul's trip on the Road to Damascus was for the purpose of exposing a lie...
But when that Great Light shined on him, he knew it was do-or-die.
It turned his life around, and set his feet on the street called "Straight",
and when the scales came off his eyes, he knew it was "Fish, or cut bait".

These days the Capital of Syria is still Damascus, and is in the news lately because of the revolution in that Moslem nation.. -- Isaiah 17 has prophesied concerning how Damascus would no longer be a city, but instead 'a ruinous heap'.   Shades of Hiroshima, you think?

Monday, August 12th, 2013
5:14 pm
My closet
Disclaimer:This is original work under an alias. All materials, content and forms contained under my alias (beth_7891) are my intellectual property and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without my express written permission.

Opening the closet
I get a glimpse of my desire for you
Begging to be worn
I touch it briefly with my fingers
And it coats my skin thoroughly
With a fervent heat

I hear your keys on the door
And the greeting on your tongue

I am already dressed
Monday, January 7th, 2013
10:03 am
A Different WALK


"Go take a walk" is what we say,
to those we wish would go away..
We'd recommend a longer stroll
if they'd just keep on going..
And if the pier's a short one,
They could very soon be flowing!

The Scripture walk that's talked
about from Enoch to the end,
Means following His commandments
and making Him your friend.
Walking with your hand in His
by learning all he's written,
Then standing up and going forth
but never, ever, sittin'!

Jacob's Walk was different after
wrestling The Man..
It takes that kind of wrestling
if you want to understand.
You don't know what Trouble is
until your walk gets sleazy.
Jacob's Trouble was travailing
cause birthing isn't easy..

We can walk like Jacob walked,
Raising the New Name high.. (Israel)
We can walk like Enoch walked,
So then we'll never die!

Isaiah did it barefoot, but we
must wear the shoes..
The learning of The Word is
something not to be refused!

Peter's walk sure pleased the Lord..
(He didn't just fall overboard..)
Walk in wisdom and in the light
That's the way to "Walk in White"

There's more to this than meets
the eye, but in case you're walking South,
The Scripture teaches this besides:
Don't walk with foot in mouth!

After Jacob had wrestled the angel, Gen32, scripture tells us his thigh was 'touched', and it's likely that his "walk" was altered at that time. If you're going to talk-the-talk, it's important to also walk-the-walk. (Obedience to The Word)

Yes, I believe Jesus really walked on water, and wouldn't surprise me if he didn't even get his feet wet !

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
11:59 am
Moses Said..
Moses Said: Psalm 90

Moses said "Threescore & Ten" would be the years of man...
He'd seen the Burning Bush, and heard directly from I AM.
He only wrote this single psalm, we might have passed it by,
But since he lived to sixscore, we stopped to wonder "Why?".

Moses said "Threescore & Ten"; We knew a score was twenty,
The fifty years he lived beyond, we realized was plenty..
Now 20 centuries are gone, and 10 are yet ahead..
Since Jesus died at Calvary and they counted him as dead.

Moses prayed we'd learn to count the number of our days,
And how a thousand years compares, in reckoning the ways.
The "Day" of Rest is almost here: Millennium No. 7,
Six Days for Man are near complete: Time to go to heaven!

Moses said we had a choice: he advised that we choose Life..
To serve the mighty God of Love, and reject the wicked strife.
He lived to see two Jubilees; to glimpse the promised land,
Back then it wasn't time to go; there was more to understand.

Moses said we ought to hear, a prophet much like him...
Sure enough, both babies came to deliver all from sin.
One floated down the river, the other as bread from above,
God wanting us to comprehend personification of love.

Moses prayed for the people, when serpents and fire consumed,
Jesus prayed in the garden, when the death of Calvary loomed.
These two were true! If I were you, I wouldn't wait another day..
Get right with God--Be Scripture shod, and then begin to pray!

Notice the pattern. Threescore, or three twenties, like in the 20 centuries since Christ ascended, preceded by the 20 centuries of Old Covenant for the Jew under the Law, and the 20 centuries of Genesis (pre-Law). We acknowledge the 10 centuries ahead (7th millennium) and see it as a "Day" of Rest for Christians.

Readers today may notice how that bush of Moses compares to the TWO Presidents, GW41 and 43.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
8:04 am
Rite Rhyme

RITE Rhyme

The fiery finger of GOD wrote The Law
in the tablets of stone,
And once a year the blood of a goat
did for their sin atone.

That Old Covenant they had was for
the purpose of teaching a lesson,
and now we have a better deal,
'cause the blood is real,
and we're no longer guessin'!

The gentle finger of Jesus wrote the
Law of Love in the dust on the ground.
His forgiveness of the woman adulteress
was an act of this truth so profound.

He was the one who became the goat for us,
and also the ram in the thicket..
He is the Lamb that covers our sin,
and gives righteousness to the wicked.

The literal truth comes first,
and leads to the abstract truth of the poet,
And the things recorded in His Book
have a deeper meaning: Don't you know it?

It may not be just what you think,
because the language was once confounded,
But it will surely enlighten your eyes,
if your brain hasn't been impounded.

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
10:18 am
The Word Says...

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is LIGHT,
It spells the Way we need to pray, and gives us second-sight.
Our feet can be like hinds feet, 'cause hindsight is much better,
So when we sing & praise the Lord, we shake the devil's fetter.

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is a ROCK,
A fortress of Living Words to supply and water God's stock.
If you can stand on principle, you can walk on the water of God,
First you'll have to wash your feet, and get them spiritually shod!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is CORN!  Ps78
A kind of sugar from the Lord, so we could be re-born.
He doesn't charge us for it: The oxen ground it out..
So we could fill our sacks up full, and learn to praise and shout!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is BREAD,
And it feeds as many people as are there to hear it said.
This bread we share is special because we eat it with our ears..
Then we toast it at Communion, and wash it down with cheers!

I always say what The Word says, because the Word is DRINK...
To those who have a thirst for Truth, it causes them to think.
It's not your ordinary water...No, this can be changed to wine,
The words that pour from heaven are from the God who is the Vine!

I always say what my Father says, because the Word is GOD,
The Author wrote a Book of Life for a Standard and a Rod,
We have to fish for the meaning--we can't just camp out on top,
The still that supplies this water, is good to the deepest drop!

Monday, July 30th, 2012
2:14 pm
To A Heart
What if after this life...?
You'd fall so in love with me?
When our eyes meet in time
Emerald pools deplete into my ocean blue
And the vintage record begins to skip
As we begin this dance again
I must confess
Hoping you who is so far away will notice me
I look up to the throne upon which you sit
So very high above me
Like Luna in the sky
You with your crown
Winds blow
My breathe escapes me
And I hear leaves rolling across like marching feet
A momentary distraction
An outstretched hand as if only to kiss
Where all my eviscerated feelings wish to reach you
Longingly, my absinthe fairy
With how love screams from my lungs and rains down like marbles falling from the skies
Of every color and every design
All around you
Where I will envelope you, consume you, devour you, and inspire you
I'd wish to kiss the orchid in which you withhold
And show you all wonders of love in this vast world
Caressing you in weeping kisses to carry you over the edge
So fade away with me into another time and another place
We will meet again my little lamb
You and that fleece of yours
Until then, sing me a song
Sing me to sleep
Where I can hope to dream of you and me.

(Feel free to follow me at my LJ, deviantART, tumblr, Twitter, Facebook)
Thursday, July 26th, 2012
12:06 pm
Made Bed, Yet?

Made your Bed? Ps139:8

You made your bed, so no excuses -- the choice was yours to make,
 Soon you'll have to lie in it, and suffer your mistake.
If you think you're pulling covers over everybody's eyes,
Be advised there is no covering when Jesus says, "All Rise".

 Psalms139:8 "If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there".

He's not saying you'll be plumping the pillows in hell, but it's a figure of speech saying you've 'made your bed' with your decisions and choices.  Amen?

You 'could' listen to Jesus saying "take up your bed and walk", Jn5:8.  Maybe like Enoch walked?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
10:16 am
Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth ?


Salt is for flavor, it's the Lord's spice of Life,

And during a freeze, it helps melt the strife.

Salt makes you thirsty, so watch what you say..

It makes it more buoyant and lifts up your day.


Salt is for curing, to preserve right perspectives..

When used in a cut, it stings forth invectives!

Salt is for healing, or for scouring clean..

And a salty demeanor should never be mean.


Salt softens the water, can be used in a pinch..

And a saline solution makes seeing a cinch.

Salt is a crystal that always rings true,

And changes conduction in a chemical brew.


A sprinkle of salt for the tail of a bird,

or over your shoulder to see fate deferred.

 A shaker of Salt, but don't over do it..

A Dead Sea comes forth if you misconstrue it.


A Covenant of Salt, and don't forget pepper,

It's not to be sneezed at: the spiritual leper.

Salted and swaddled, each one in his turn,

With passionate fire his candle to burn.


Oceans of hydrogen, stuff that goes "boom",

Heavens of oxygen for the flaming of doom..

Combustible matter, one spark will ignite,

Just as soon as the Salt's gone, they'll all see the Light!


 "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man".  Colossians 4:6

You don't imagine God wants a whole plateful of salt, do you?  NO, that probably wouldn't be appetizing –don’t you discard food that’s too salty?  He'd prefer a colorful dish with lots of variety; seeing He's such a diverse God.  You think?


Friday, March 9th, 2012
12:19 pm
WORDS - Psalm 107:20

Good things to eat and not just from the store..
Word-eating people have a taste for much more!
It's not only the food for our belly and body,
Our mind must have also the mental hot toddy!

Words that are clever, Words that bemuse,
To give us directions, or tell us the News!
Words that enlighten, Words that inspire..
To ponder and wonder with mental perspire.

Words quite sublime, and even profound,
To start the gears turning and also astound!
Words most peculiar, Words that are sad..
That bore us or drive us infernally mad!

Words that are bitter, Words that are sweet,
Sometime's they even put wings on our feet!

We feed them to others; this food for the brain,
Proteins of thought to help run their train.
Scintillating, titillating, alphabet soup..
Expressions and phrases that we try to regroup.

We feed them to others--they feed them to us,
And sometimes it makes us so mad, we could cuss!
We don't like the taste, or the food "for the birds"..
And it's all so humiliating to eat our own Words!

In the logic of God THE WORD is THE TRUTH...
A kind of Bread for the Head
And after you're weaned from the Milk of The Word,
You'll need to start chewing instead..

The butter will come from churning the milk,
by mulling it over in thought,
We'll know you've swallowed the whale of a tale
When you say "Look what God has wrought!"

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
3:05 pm
Paper and Chalk
Purest white, 
Clouds gone forever gray
Thin white lines
Mark the edges of my sanity 
Ripped and torn,
Loved to death,
I propose an idea
And let it take flight
Written on torn sheets of paper
From my mind
I believe in those words
The ones I wrote so long ago 
With paper
And chalk
I let them blossom,
I let them thrive
Watered, loved and fed them
I watched them grow old
And grey
And finally die
Scraps fluttering about, 
Like ashes in the wind
They were the idle musings
Of a silly, little girl
The symbolic birth
Of her freedom of thought
And the death of the sheep
And watching the flames eat
The chalk and the paper
I feel hopeless
Surely there are things I cannot control
But by committing those simple words to memory
I can bask forever in the simple elegance left behind
Silvery dust,
And tinted college-ruled
 I feel for the words
That died on that day
And letting myself be calmed
I picture them
And it hurts no more
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
9:00 am
A Pregnant Virgin!

A Pregnant Virgin - 2Cor 11:2 & Gal 4:19 KJV

The first virgin birth was to a woman named Mary,
and now it applies to any Tom, Dick, or Harry!
"Christ formed within you" may start out quite small,
but the Seed of the Bible is for one and for all..

"Christ Formed Within You", but your tummy stays thin,
As you learn to be holy, and refraining from sin..
Fasting and praying and reading His Word..
Nine months travail and His Voice will be heard!

"Christ Formed Within You" is the pregnancy pattern,
and virgins who are wise will have oil in their lanterns. Matt25
"Christ Formed Within You", but your belly won't grow..
Instead, it's your future and your Life; don't you know?

"Christ Formed Within You", He's the real 'Mr. Right', Isa54:5
His yoke is easy and his burden is light,
The baby will want the milk of the Word -- 1Cor3:2, Heb5:12, 1Pet2:2
You'll know him as Truth when your heart strings are stirred..

"Christ Formed Within You", when you"know" him as Lord. Gen4:1, 19:5
The opinions of others (homo sapien) will leave you unscored.
Josephus or Whosis may be respected or loved,
but nothing's more surety than the Word from above.

"Christ Formed Within You", and you'll sing a New Song.. Ps33:3
About the glory of heaven where you now belong. Eph2:6
'Til then you'll be Eager with all of your might.. Ecc9:10
Telling others of Jesus and the Father of Bright. Acts26:13

A virgin like Mary says “Be it unto me” on this earth, Lk 1:38
Then Christ formed within her ‘til that wonderful birth. Col 1:27
Now we are like Mary when we say the same..
The Great Name of Jesus is the key to this game. Phil 2:9

When you’ve had enough milk, you’ll be wanting some meat,
You’ll be needing it then, to withstand the ‘heat’ .. Ps19:6
3 years with Jesus and the ‘Twelve’ still didn’t know,
The Holy Spirit was given so we’d continue to grow. John14:17

The Bible tells about that fantastic miracle of the virgin birth, but how many of us recognize a deeper truth which goes beyond...? Like how the New Testament tells us to let Christ be formed IN US, as Mary was illustrating!

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